With the assistance of the international community, a potential genocide can be averted. Homes, schools, churches and health centres of 160 Banyamulenge villages have been burned, forcing families to flee for safety in the highlands of the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Many families have been […]

Ethnic Genocide in the Congo

Through the support of our partners, God Cares International is pleased to enable the Fresh Manna Fellowship Ministries – Nairobi, Kenya to remain active for many more months. Here is a quote from Pastor John Mokaya Nathan explaining the need for support. Contact us if you feel you would like […]

Supporting Kenyan Refugees

The concrete is poured and the new office is in place. What a blessing to enjoy this space on Sundays and throughout the week. The external walkways are also poured and people from throughout the community and starting to participate more.

A new floor is ready for use

Finishing the exterior of Glory Church involves the volunteered skills from the church and community.  Doors and windows were purchased and installed with the assistance of Northgate Baptist Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as well as through the prayers and generosity of others.

External improvements continue

Getting started on the church completion project for Glory Church in Bugarama can begin. Bricks were purchased and delivered to the church earlier in December. It really must have taken a great deal of skill to balance these bricks. Construction of the eave ends that were not complete and interior […]

Bricks received in Bugarama, Rwanda

GCI’s project sites in Africa are located close to the intersection of the borders of three countries: Rwanda, Congo and Burundi. The area sees many refugees, victims of the ‘mineral wars,’ who need assistance with food, medical care and shelter. Glory Church in Bugarama, Rwanda is walking distance from the […]

Relief to Refugees

Hope is found through ideas that inspire and a faith that stands firm. Families of the Glory Church in Bugarama faced great hardship as refugees from Burundi and the DR Congo. As they begin a new community as subsistence farmers and daily-wage laborers, they need hope for the future. By […]

Church Building for Hope

(Population: 327 people, 57 households) Among the rolling hills of Eastern Congo, families live and grow as they have for generations. Walking towards the village you realize you’ve stepped far away from modern life as you notice families working their land by hand. No farm machinery. Everyone in Kalingi is […]

Kalingi Village