Congo (DRC)

With the assistance of the international community, a potential genocide can be averted. Homes, schools, churches and health centres of 160 Banyamulenge villages have been burned, forcing families to flee for safety in the highlands of the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Many families have been […]

Ethnic Genocide in the Congo

GCI’s project sites in Africa are located close to the intersection of the borders of three countries: Rwanda, Congo and Burundi. The area sees many refugees, victims of the ‘mineral wars,’ who need assistance with food, medical care and shelter. Glory Church in Bugarama, Rwanda is walking distance from the […]

Relief to Refugees

(Population: 327 people, 57 households) Among the rolling hills of Eastern Congo, families live and grow as they have for generations. Walking towards the village you realize you’ve stepped far away from modern life as you notice families working their land by hand. No farm machinery. Everyone in Kalingi is […]

Kalingi Village