Kalingi Village

kalingi-01(Population: 327 people, 57 households)

Among the rolling hills of Eastern Congo, families live and grow as they have for generations. Walking towards the village you realize you’ve stepped far away from modern life as you notice families working their land by hand. No farm machinery. Everyone in Kalingi is a farmer, dependent on what the land produces to sustain their families. Between storms and droughts, life is hard – made worse by the many wars and factions of cruel rebel soldiers who take what they want at gunpoint. No one has a monthly or an annual income. Houses are made of mud and grass. When a heavy rain or wind blows, houses are destroyed or severely damaged. In general they have nothing  – except Jesus; Kalingi village is rich in faith and full of God’s love.

God Cares International is responding with much-needed assistance to build houses, providing income generating resources such as a milling machine and access to health and nutrition education.