Supporting Kenyan Refugees

Through the support of our partners, God Cares International is pleased to enable the Fresh Manna Fellowship Ministries – Nairobi, Kenya to remain active for many more months. Here is a quote from Pastor John Mokaya Nathan explaining the need for support. Contact us if you feel you would like to do more.

“The land premises where we have built the sanctuary is rented at the moment but we have a vision of fundraising to purchase the land eventually. The current price of the land is estimated at 6 million Kenya shillings, which is an equivalent of $60,000.( sixty thousand US dollars). This price may change with time. Unfortunately, the refugee communities who have largely become the founding members of this church are economically handicapped. The Kenya government has stepped up very hard policies governing the department of immigration which provides work permits for foreigners. Moreover, the refugee communities living in Kenya lack the necessary skills to allow them fit into the labour market because of their movement across boarders and effects they have gone through from their home countries. They did not acquire necessary human resource/ Educational skills to enable them qualify for any possible employment or economic opportunities. Therefore, even monthly church contributions are not enough to pay for the basic utilities like electricity and water. Immediate costs include hire of public address and musical instruments, pay for instrumentalists, paying the security guard and more critically maintain a monthly rent payment of Kenya shillings ten thousand (equivalent of $100 USD ).”
For the above reason, God Cares designated $1,200 CDN to the monthly rental cost of $100 USD as they get established to rely on their own contributions. We are grateful to Fresh Manna Fellowship Edmonton as our intermediary partner in overseeing the distribution of support.