New School in India

God Cares International is partnering with South Asia Mission (SAM) to develop a new school in India. The Canuck Institute of Learning will serve marginalized children to provide access to education.

Fresh Water for CIoL school.

The project goal is to ensure the right to education for deprived rural children in certain remote villages of Krishna and West Godavari Districts of the State of Andhra Pradesh through integration of support system and responsive community action by establishing an Institute of Learning at Bhogolu Village of West Godavari District. Bishop John SDR Nakka and Bishop Dr. Joshua Raj, with their extensive experience with rural people and their poverty and lifestyle, have decided to assist the rural children with education (formal and vocational). They have found that one of the main reasons for non-development of rural sectors is the lack of education. Both the Bishops have evolved a program for assisting rural children by way of a separate project. Since this is a project to serve the rural children irrespective of colour, creed, and religion, they intend to form the Canuck Institute of Learning (CIoL). The right to education for every child should be a reality and needs to be translated into action to bring a visible change for those in the rural sectors, equivalent or better as when compared to the mainstream of civilization.