Finishing the exterior of Glory Church involves the volunteered skills from the church and community.  Doors and windows were purchased and installed with the assistance of Northgate Baptist Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as well as through the prayers and generosity of others.

External improvements continue

We have started dumping materials to the site and the people going through the road are observing and asking about the project. Our people are explaining them about our proposed project. People are feeling happy that they are going to have an educational institution in their village.

Materials arrive for the CIoL school foundation

Greetings from India. We heartfully thank you all for your kind generosity and fund sent for starting the project of Canuck Institute of Learning at Bhogolu village. I am submitting the primary report on the first phase. We have gone to Bhogolu village on 8 th and 9 th of […]

Fresh Water for School